Reflections on the Cacapon

This is another image taken while I was in West Virginia a few weeks back. I had to park my car and stand on the side of a bridge to get it with cars whizzing past me at a high rate of speed. Nothing says photographic fun when getting hit with a blast of air from a car moving at a high rate of speed!

This is the Cacapon River which runs through West Virginia. Don’t ask me from where and to because I have no idea. If you are dying to visit to recreate the photo it was shot in Wardensville, WV. This also happens to be a notorious speed trap town so I do highly recommend doing the posted speed limit. If it says 25 and you are doing 26 and with out of state license plates prepare for a ticket. You have been duly warned.

Post processing this was interesting. I didn’t go nuts with masks (much). I just knew I wanted the sky to have some details and to bring out the trees and the reflections in the water. So I started to play with various presets in Intensify CK until I got what I was looking for and then masked in bits here and there. I did have to dodge and burn the reflections to get them to where I was happy. Once I did I called it done!