Reflections in the Glass

This post almost didn’t happen. I was out with social and work obligations and I wasn’t sure I would get back to the photo archives before I had to edit for tomorrow. However I got home earlier than anticipated so I could edit.

This is a very simple edit. I liked the reflection on the rear window and I took the shot. When I started to edit I just went ahead and added a few filters in Lightroom and then took it into Photoshop. Put in a tone curve and then dodged and burn and said good enough.



Purple Poseidon

This is a fountain outside of Caesars Palace Las Vegas. It’s a popular selfie or couples photo spot. I may or may not have jammed why in with the tripod after waiting for what could or could not have been 800 couples posing in front of it.

I finally got a 22″ monitor here in Thailand so I can now see what I am editing! Yay for cheap hardware world wide!