DCA to RSW and Back

I always take airport photos. It helps pass the time when you are bored waiting for your flight. So I shot this series over days I was flying to Fort Myers, Florida and when I returned home to Washington, DC.

I used my Nexus 6P and the Camera FV-5 app which allows me to shoot in raw. This gives me a bit more latitude with the images than I otherwise would have out of a phone shooting straight jpeg. I still don’t push the images that much just because if you do they start to fall apart because the sensor in the phone isn’t going to capture everything a larger sensor can.



This one was shot at Walt Disney World’s Disney Town if I remember the name correctly. I stumbled across the grounded balloon while I was wandering around. They weren’t going to fly it because of the threatening skies and were actually in the process of securing it because the storm was coming every soon.

With a bit of Photoshop magic I increased the drama in the image and bumped the colors a bit and overall happy with the image.