Blue Hour Clouds

Since I was playing in the archives I came across some night shots I never published. This would be one of them from when I was in Fort Myers, Florida. Which I will be heading to in about 30 days.

This is is the magical blue hour that photographers talk about. While it may look like a product of rain or a storm the reality is that is just the clouds coming in from the Gulf of Mexico and with it the evening breeze in Fort Myers.

I liked this photo because of the cool clouds in the sky and the streak of light from a boat coming down/up (hell if I know) the Caloosahatchee River. It made for an interesting photos so I went ahead and just edited it.

Speaking of editing I didn’t mask anything in. I just hit my camera defaults and then went about through and made my usual Lightroom adjustments. Into Photoshop and the usual curves adjustment. I then just went through and did some local dodging and burning for local contrast. Quick sharpen and done.


Blue Hour

Burst Of Red

If you read my post yesterday you read that I was struggling to edit. I turned on some Tool and opened up another set of images and started to edit. I believe Tool’s – The Pot or Vicarious was on when I was editing this one. Either way, the edits came much easier.

This was one of the first images I shot with the Sony RX10 I purchased. I really like the camera and what I can get out of it. Supposedly it’s the same sensor as the RX100III I own. It just seems I am able to get a bit more out of it versus the RX100. May be just because it’s new to me but I am able to push these images a bit more.

This is more or less straight out of camera. I didn’t mask in layers. I did bump the hue/saturation a bit to get the red to punch a bit more and bring out the yellows of the leaves in the background. I then dodged and burned various areas to do local contract adjustments. I paid attention to the lights just because they lead in towards the leaves. I deliberately left them in the frame when I took the image.


PS – Still listening to Tool as I wrote this. This time Forty Six & 2 and Hooker With A Penis. No, Hooker With A Penis is not about a transgender person. Look up the lyrics and it will make sense.

Burst of Red

Morning Mists

This was the first image I shot with my Sony A7R. I used a Minolta 135 2.8 lens and pointed it out the window. One of the problems with a low contrast image such as this was that the camera’s focus system would not trigger focus peaking so I had to just wing it and use my eye. In the end I liked how the image came out insubstantial and I added boosted the trees to give it some contrast as it faded into the mists of the morning.



Stuck on You

I had my Sony A58 with me and just pulled out of my space and was driving waiting for the wipers to kick on automatically and they didn’t.  I immediately pulled over and shot this because I liked how the seed pod and the water drops looked.  Some color bumping, a 1×1 crop and boom!, instant photo shot on a way better camera than my iPhone.

Stuck on You
Sony A58, 50mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/160