The Gate

One of the gates at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. What is funny about these is that they are all along the palace walls but you can only get in at one place.

You can also make out some of the mural along the wall on the inside. This is standard I guess because the Royal Palace in Bangkok had the same thing when I visited there.

I did make this HDR out of a single image. For stuff like this HDR works well. So a single image HDR was done in Aurora and I called it done.


The Gate

Royal Tomb

I freely admit that I may be guessing at this but I do believe this is a royal tomb at the Silver Pagoda which is attached to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. I know this simply by listening to the tour guide that was giving a tour. I generally skip the guides, not due to costs but I’m there for photos and I don’t think its fair for me to drag a guide around while I frame shots or look for different angles.

There are a few of these around the temple grounds, each for a different member of the royal family (again, based on what I heard). This was like one of the first ones I encountered when I walked into that area of the palace compound.

This is a bit HDR but I didn’t go overboard. I just used one exposure to make it. To keep the image from breaking down I didn’t push it too much. On the smaller sensor cameras the image quality can go to crap quickly if you start pushing pixels.


Royal Tomb Silver Pagoda

Monks Walking

I was outside the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh and saw these 2 monks walking by. I just waited for the shot and took several frames as they walked by.

I don’t pretend to understand the colours or monks robes. I know some are brighter than others. Older monks tend to have darker colours than younger ones. I’m sure it signifies rank but I don’t understand it enough to speculate and I’m too lazy to look it up on Google.

I liked the image, did a bit of a dodge and burn and ran a filter against it and called it done. I am suffering from a severe case of man flu right now so it’s all I can do to type this.


monks walking

Novice Monks

Shot this along the river inPhnom Penh when I was walking back to my hotel from the Royal Palace.

Monks themselves aren’t that exciting when you live over in Asia. They are very common and not a big deal. I will say I saw more monks in Cambodia than I do in Thailand. Well, I should say I see more monks during the day in Cambodia than I do in Thailand because I constantly see the Thai monks collecting alms in the wee hours of the morning here in Thailand.

I liked this image because you just have the contrast of the rather dull scene with the splash of color from the monks robes.


2 young monks

Dawn Over Somewhere

I shot this when I went to Fort Myers last December. Just getting around to processing it.

Aerial photography is cool but you end up taking a lot of shots because the plane is moving at speed and you are generally behind. So you need a high shutter speed and a decent ISO to keep up with the motion. It also helps to have a window seat so you don’t annoy the person next to you. This flight I was first class and a window since it was a single seat row on the plane.

Used my RX10 for these shots because of the 24-200mm lens on it. I could adjust on the fly versus trying to change lenses or use a longer and slower lens. For stuff like this the bridge cameras really work well. You get versatility and fast glass since the lens on the RX10 is 2.8 all the way through the zoom.

Editing this I was going to make it HDR but it blew everything out and made it too HDR. While I appreciate HDR it can be too much. So I went ahead and just ran it through Intensify and used Sky Details and was very happy with the image. Just did a bit of dodging and called it done.


Dawn Over Somewhere

Fall Colors

Shot this at Brookside Gardens last fall. Just never got around to editing this.

This was taken with my Sony RX10. I remember trying to setup the tripod for this shot. I got a small Manfrotto tabletop free with the camera so I figured I might as well use it. It’s a great little tripod that is great for setting up in small and tight places. I would not want to use it for anything heavy but for shots like this it’s perfect. It fits in my small Domke bag and I tend to keep it there.

Editing this was straightforward. The one thing I can’t stress enough is using a camera profile that fits your camera. It makes things so much easier when you go in to edit. Once I had that it was just a matter of doing my normal workflow.


Fall Colors

Dawn Over A River Delta

I shot these photos when I was flying down to Fort Myers in Florida. I have no idea what river this is or where I was.

Let me say that editing aerial photos is a pain. You shoot through very thick glass. You are in a plane moving at several hundred miles per hour. So you end up shooting a ton of frames. Which means a lot more time doing curation.

I will eventually get around to doing a few more sets of these. I have some great images. It’s just a matter of working through them and getting them in sequence.

Editing was a preset I use in Lightroom. Once I had the base edit done I went and did gradients to rebalance the image. After that it was into Lightroom to put the curves adjustment in. Then a lot of local work with dodging and burning.


Dawn Over A River DeltaDawn Over A River DeltaDawn Over A River Delta