Novice Monks

Shot this along the river inPhnom Penh when I was walking back to my hotel from the Royal Palace.

Monks themselves aren’t that exciting when you live over in Asia. They are very common and not a big deal. I will say I saw more monks in Cambodia than I do in Thailand. Well, I should say I see more monks during the day in Cambodia than I do in Thailand because I constantly see the Thai monks collecting alms in the wee hours of the morning here in Thailand.

I liked this image because you just have the contrast of the rather dull scene with the splash of color from the monks robes.


2 young monks

Work Shed

I’m guessing this is a work shed I have no real idea to be honest.  It was old and dilapidated and falling into ruin at the edge of a field in West Virginia.  I stopped the car and jumped out and shot it.

*Warning – Photo Nerd Speak Commencing*

Since I have been bored with editing and playing around I went wild again with this one.  The first thing I did was punch the clarity in Lightroom and gave it some contrast and played around with the tone curve to punch the clouds up.  Gave it a 16×9 crop to remove some stuff that wasn’t adding to the pictures and to bring out the lovely clouds some more.   I then switched back and forth between Silver Efex and Topaz B&W effects but wasn’t happy with anything so straight black and white in Lightroom then converted it into PSD for mask sharpening in Photoshop.  Then I remembered that I could import directly into Snapseed now with a PSD file so in it went.  First thing I did was add Structure which is about the same as clarity on Lightroom then I went and added Drama which darkened the clouds and added even more details to the image.  Then I went and slapped a border on it just because.  I then saved it as a resized jpeg and behold the end result.  A tad over-processed?  Sure.  Visually different?  I think so and sometimes you just need to do what you feel like for a picture regardless.

Work Shed
Panasonic G3, 14mm, ISO 200, f/4.0, 1/800