Fountain Fun

This was taken at Meadowlark Gardens in the early Spring when I was out wandering around with my camera.

I have shot a similar image before of just the fountain. This time I just handheld the camera and watched the shutter speed. With the sunlight being as bright as it was it wasn’t a big deal to freeze the water coming off the fountain.

The Nikon D5500 is one of those cameras you don’t really need a tripod with because you can handhold it very stable due to the size. It’s a tiny camera even compared to the mirrorless offerings out there. So it’s a real joy to shoot with when you don’t want to lug a lot of gear around.

This was a straightforward edit. Used my normal workflow. Most of the work was doing with dodging and burning. Once I was happy hit save.


Fountain Fun

Sparkle In The Spray

I returned to Meadowlark Gardens on a long holiday weekend. Since I no longer live in Virginia I was worried about paying out of state fees but they never asked so I happily paid my usual $5 and in I went. I think they are so popular that they don’t bother with where you live now.

I was there to shoot something specific but I saw the fountain and figured why not. The light as you can see is harsh because of the time of the day but it was working for me in other ways. I was also shooting with my Nikon D810 which I had not shot with in over month because I had been using my Sony A7R. So some settings I thought I was using weren’t working for some of the images.

Still I had a good time and I got some usable images and this is one of them. The I liked how the spray was was sparkling in the sunlight so I make sure my shutter speed was up so I could freeze it and fired off a few frames.

I had to really dodge the fountain spray to get it to pop like it did. Then I masked in a bit here and there till I got things the way I wanted it. Once I was happy I called it done.


Sparkle in the Spray