View From Central Festival

I had to stop at Central Festival Mall here in Pattaya looking for a decent camera store. Turns out I could have just skipped that entire process because all the stores didn’t have what I wanted.

I have been spoiled by Amazon and easy access to camera gear. Sadly in Thailand there is no Amazon so you have to know a local place to source or import it in from the US and pray it arrives sometime before you die. On that note, I did fine decent camera shops who will source from China and at a reasonable rate. So in the end it worked out.

With my rant out of the way while I was at Central Festival I was feeling peckish so I found a place to eat. During this I saw there was an observation deck. While I had my Nikon D810 with me, that would have required effort to pull it out of the bag. So instead I just pulled out my Canon S100 and took the shot.

To be fair, I may have enhanced the photo a wee bit. I can’t push the pixels nearly as hard on the smaller sensors because it will start to pixelate and get noise. So I just bumped the sky and add some additional color. Little bit of sharpening here and there via masks and all good.


View From Central Festival