Meander Down The River

This is the Cacapon River located in West Virginia. I shot this a couple months ago when I was there. I was standing on a bridge just outside a town with intermittent traffic going past me wondering why this crazy guy was hunched over a bridge taking pictures of the river.

I was worried about the sky in this one because it’s slightly blown out. There isn’t anything I can do about it because it’s the the sun coming through the clouds. So instead of fighting it I went with it. There are extra bonus points if you can figure out where the power lines used to be in the image.

Editing wise there are 3 different layer masks. I wanted the trees and the river reflection to stand on their own so I basically masked in a clarity and sharpness mask. After that I went and processed the sky. Used a mask that added contrast and clarity and then masked that in lightly. I got more texture out of the sky and I think it looks cool. Finally added a hue/saturation mask along with polarization and contrast corrections and said done.


Cacapon River

The Bridge To Nowhere

This is another from my trip to West Virginia. It’s called Capon Bridge and I honestly forget the name of the little town it’s near. It’s off Route 259 if you are inclined to visit. You really can’t miss the bridge. My advice would be turn off on the real working bridge and park in the little lot near there. You may be joined by a few locals out fishing.

When I shot this the weather had really started to go downhill rapidly. There was thunder in the distance and the storm clouds were moving in rapidly. I barely got the shots off and back in the car before the heavens opened up and I spent the next 90 minutes driving in pissing down rain.

The image is in monochrome and I did that based on the light and a real lack of color. The sky was just a flat grey and the bridge is a pea green and the trees were green so it just didn’t have a lot of pop to it. So I ran it through Tonality CK to do the conversion and then played around to where I was happy. Then I started the local dodge and burn process to tame down some areas and enhance others. The image is all about textures which it has a lot of and the reflections in the river.


Capon Bridge

Reflections on the Cacapon

This is another image taken while I was in West Virginia a few weeks back. I had to park my car and stand on the side of a bridge to get it with cars whizzing past me at a high rate of speed. Nothing says photographic fun when getting hit with a blast of air from a car moving at a high rate of speed!

This is the Cacapon River which runs through West Virginia. Don’t ask me from where and to because I have no idea. If you are dying to visit to recreate the photo it was shot in Wardensville, WV. This also happens to be a notorious speed trap town so I do highly recommend doing the posted speed limit. If it says 25 and you are doing 26 and with out of state license plates prepare for a ticket. You have been duly warned.

Post processing this was interesting. I didn’t go nuts with masks (much). I just knew I wanted the sky to have some details and to bring out the trees and the reflections in the water. So I started to play with various presets in Intensify CK until I got what I was looking for and then masked in bits here and there. I did have to dodge and burn the reflections to get them to where I was happy. Once I did I called it done!