Off Shore

I snapped this while I was wandering along Walking St. I went into a beer bar complex that has a great view of Pattaya Bay. It was a private bar but I asked in Thai if I could and was told no problem since they weren’t busy.

With Bali Hai pier under construction and the authorities finally cracking down on illegal parking of boats on the road and walkways (only took a decade or more) you see more boats moored offshore now. Owners are too cheap to pay for docking space at the new area for boats.

I shot this at dusk so the camera had a fairly high ISO. Just did some cleaning up and in the end happy enough.


Off Shore

Boats At Bali Hai

It’s Thanksgiving here in America. It’s normally a period of time that I am on travel using the holiday to get out and go do something. Last year I was in Thailand and this year I am not so why not revisit Thailand.

I took these images all on my Canon S100 as I had it with me. Just took a wander around Bali Hai Pier with camera in hand and just took a bunch of snapshots. I wasn’t in photographer mode. I was just out enjoying the day and getting out and doing something.

The editing is extremely basic. While I had raw files, the S100’s files can’t be pushed that hard so mostly just contrast adjustments and some local dodge and burn.


Thai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai BoatThai Boat

Sheltered Bay

This is another from Thailand that I took while out near Bali Hai Pier. I always like to get out there at least once a trip so I took a ride that way and stopped and used my Canon S100 to snap a bunch of images.

The Canon S100 has surprised me to some extent. I bought it as a throwaway camera off Ebay for $100 US. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and if it got lost or stolen no big deal. While the sensor is small and there is inherent noise issues it’s still a great camera for snaps. Sure my phones are capable of getting just as good if not better of an image I just like a camera better. Again, if it’s lost or stolen big deal. Where as my phones are significantly more expensive.

One of the tricks I have learned with shooting with a point and shoot camera is leave it in Program Mode. I’m sure some of you are dying at that suggestion. I didn’t just figure this out on a whim. Ming Thein who is a master photographer made the point about small cameras. The developers wrote the software to work optimally with the lens and sensor. It makes better sense to use what they programmed instead of trying to do it yourself. You can control light through metering so let the camera do the rest of the work. I have started to do this with my Sony RX100M3 as well and been pleasantly surprised by the results.

For this image I pushed it as far as I could go. Normally with the smaller sensors I don’t mask in a bunch of layers. This time I gave it a go.

I started with the usual curves adjustments and then dodging and burning for local contrast. I also had to spend some time removing tyres out of the beach. Since I admitted to it most of you can figure out where they were. Generous use of the healing brush and stamp tool were required.

Once local adjustments were completed I used Aurora 2017 for the first time. It supposedly handles single image HDR better than the previous version. Once I found a filter I liked I just brought it back into Photoshop and masked in the water and rocks. I then lowered the opacity and masked in the sky knowing I was going to introduce noise into the image. Then I loaded up Color Efex and added a hue/saturation layer along with Polarization and Pro Contrast. Next was noise so Noiseless Pro and just hit Balanced Preset and then masked that into the sky.

In all, not bad for a 6 year old camera that I bought for $100. I am not sure I could do this with a camera that only shoots jpeg but with a RAW file you can do a whole lot with it.


Bali Hai Pier

Lighthouse At Sunset

This is one of the reasons I went to Bali Hai, the lighthouse at the end of the road. Well, not really end, more like before you take a sharp left hand turn and end up in Pratumnak but most people never make it that far down. You gotta weave through the docks with boats being moved about and roving packs of soi dogs. Rather intimidating unless you been down that way before.

There are double bonus points if you can spot where I removed the Honda Click out of the image. You can also see one of my CCTV installers making an appearance and a creepy old guys’s leg if you look close enough.



Waves Crashing

This was shot off Bali Hai. I have no idea what the structure is. In Thailand there are lots of incomplete public works that just sit there as monoliths to the unfinished. With this one, with the sun setting and Gulf of Thailand waters looking blue it seemed like a good time to take the picture.

The interesting thing about this one was I had a whole CCTV crew installing a new camera in the area I was shooting. I asked in crappy Thai if it was ok if I setup to take some shots and they were fine. They were more interested in me at that point as I setup to take my shots. Language barriers prevented any conversation but they were watching trying to figure out what I was shooting and why.