Fireworks and Palm Trees

The annual firework festival which I always seem to be in town for and which I annually try and avoid.  Never works out.  This was shot on the Canon 330HS handheld which is amazing and I know I keep going on about it.  I just like it because its so portable and easy versus even my micro four thirds gear or my Fuji.


Fireworks and Palm Trees IMG_0101

Khun Meow

We biked out to Rayong for the day and I had to meet my friend Jeff at his condo and I made a new friend, Khun Meow.  There is a play on words here, hhun means person/you in Thai there is no Mr/Ms/Mrs just khun.  Meow means cat so while I waited for Jeff to bring his bike up from parking Khun Meow had a quick shoot.  Little tip, most cats you see running around will answer to meow.

Khun Meow