Having Fun

Was at a temple today and one of the things you have to do before going into the various shrine areas is take off your shoes.  The downside is there are lots of temple dogs and cats about.  The cats could careless but the dogs like to have a little fun.  The lady whose flipflop this is was in with a monk so the dog figured he have some fun.  A temple volunteered rescued it once but when I came back out it was back to where I last saw the dog.

Having Fun

Fireworks and Palm Trees

The annual firework festival which I always seem to be in town for and which I annually try and avoid.  Never works out.  This was shot on the Canon 330HS handheld which is amazing and I know I keep going on about it.  I just like it because its so portable and easy versus even my micro four thirds gear or my Fuji.


Fireworks and Palm Trees IMG_0101