From Paris

If you follow this site you know I really wasn’t in Paris but its close enough that you would never know the truth.  I was really working on something else and saw this picture and didn’t want to include it into a series of images so I went with this one solo.  I really like it.  Went with a blue tone just to give it some color but its all about the tower itself and how it lights the night.

From Paris
Fuji X100S, 25mm, ISO 2500, f/2.0, 1/80

Pinky and the Brain

These were in a store window at the casino I was staying in and I would pass them on the way to and from my room.  One morning I was up early and the store was closed so I took the opportunity to take the shots you see here.  I just went with Pinky and the Brain but I leave it up to you to figure out which one is which.  For those of you that want them, they are at some store in Caesar’s Palace and they were $3500 US.

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain


Some Color

Was back in the office and of course I had a camera on me.  What seems to be my goto camera recently is the Canon ELPH 330HS since it fits nicely in my pocket, has wifi connectivity, and amazing battery life.  I saw the flowers sitting on the reception desk to I figured why not test the macro mode on the camera and see what can be done.  Well, behold the shots on a point and shoot camera and the ability to spend 10 minutes in Lightroom.  I do tweak more in Photoshop but its mainly with adding the border/watermark and then bumping the sharpness and noise reduction through some tricks.  I’m amazed at what this camera is doing.  Not going to replace any of my expensive gear but if I had to pick a camera to get me through a day of random shooting for fun I would take it over any of my others.

IMG_0097 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0090


Flew home yesterday and had the trusty Canon ELPH 330HS on me (along with a selection of other cameras) but I like the ease of it instead of hauling out a bigger one from my bag.  While I took some Lightroom liberties these are straight out of the camera jpegs.  If you are willing to fiddle with some settings for your shot its a damn fine camera.

McCarren Airport McCarren Airport McCarren Airport McCarren Airport McCarren Airport

Drinks and Dinner

I really am running out of time to shoot but I have managed shots between work, meetings, and social events.  The mermaid is from a bar and I just liked the light and the stairs are from the restaurant we ate dinner at.  The Fuji was pressed into service as absurd ISOs and it has done very well.  Enjoy

Drinks and Dinner DSCF0833


I was in the Venetian wandering around looking for a place to eat and I grabbed this shot.  I shot it with my Olympus EM5 the previous day but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so when I was back there I took the opportunity to put the Canon ELPH 330HS to the test.   The lens at its widest is 24mm and I have it in Program Mode where I can change the ISO and I killed the flash.  Since it has image stabilization built-in I could get away with a hand hold at slow shutter speeds.  Not bad for an inexpensive point and shoot.

Canon ELPH 330HS, 24mm, ISO 1600, 1/10

Night Moves – Las Vegas

I believe Rome is called the eternal city and New York the city that never sleeps.  Neither has apparently met Las Vegas.  Not that I’m a fan of this place but at night it does light up spectacularly.  I have lots of pictures from my wanderings but I dumped the Fuji memory card first so the night shots are going up.  Things get a bit fuzzy after the Brazillian Steak House with an Argentine name and the 4 caipirinhas served by two lovely Brazillianas.  Well fed and well lubricated it was off to bed after a nightcap at 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar at the wild hour of 10 PM.

DSCF0703 DSCF0700 DSCF0698 DSCF0689