Bali Hai Lighthouse

I think this area is called Bali Hai but don’t quote me on it. If you don’t have a motorbike or car you aren’t going to get there because it’s a hike from the Bali Hai pier in Pattaya.

I drove up there and was just tooling around. Bali Hai pier is getting redone so it was closed and I didn’t feel like trying to find a space to park and then walk out on the pier. So I rode down to the lighthouse and took some photos.

Light was kinda flat so I went with a black and white for this because I think it looks cooler this way anyways. I left the people in the image to give you a sense of scale. It’s not a big lighthouse, hell I don’t even think it does anything except guard the weeds and trash around the area.


Bali Hai Lighthouse

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the photo of the light house. It is in good condition. Not sure many light houses perform duties they did years ago. This looks like a nice place to take a time out and enjoy the day. Sky was a bit gray but the sun can be unmerciful. I enjoyed seeing more of Pattaya through the eyes of the photographer. I enjoyed.

    September 27, 2017

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