Bridge In The Clouds

Took this while I was in Florida on Estero Bay near Fort Myers. Was on a boat in the middle of the day.

Sadly this is one of these place holder images I do that should be apart of a series but I haven’t had time. Since moving to Thailand I have been busy with so many other things that editing has taken second place.

This time I had to edit photos for someone else on a quick turn around. So I have been editing most of the afternoon to get them done and turned over. So I’m a little fried from looking at Photoshop right now.

Editing wise this was normal workflow. Then I took it into Intensify to bring out the clouds a bit more. Originally masked it in at 40% and it was way too much. Took it down to 13% and got the effect I was looking for. Bit of a dodge and burn and good to go.


Bridge In Clouds

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  1. The MOM said:

    Bridge in the Clouds is a fun photo! The sky, to me, and many, is fascinating. It is like a large movie theater screen. The screen changes as fast as the movie. The clouds, which we know are much higher than the bridge but when that camera snapped the shot, it appears the bridge is just hanging in the clouds. I enjoyed!

    August 18, 2017

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