Tower Life Building

Shot this while I was out in San Antonio one night. Just had by Sony RX100III with me and handheld at that. Still turned out decent even at ISO 2000.

When I travel about I tend to carry some camera on me. While I will use my phone it’s not something I prefer. Phone photography is nice but when you want a better shot a bigger camera is going to do better. This is just a limitation of a cell phone’s sensor. While they have come a long way they still cannot complete with a larger sensor on a camera. A cell phone will be fine when there is lots of light. In low light the smaller sensor will struggle and show more noise just because there is less of a sensor to capture the available light.

With the noise on this image I could not push editing too much. Went ahead with my usual workflow then used Camera Raw in Photoshop to reduce the noise further. Some minor dodging and burning and called it done.


San Antonio

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  1. The MOM said:

    The tower life building is really pretty architecture. I love the lights at night which I believe show the detail of the architecture even better. Wish the architecture today had soul like they did in years past. I enjoyed.

    July 9, 2017

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