Sanctuary Of Truth

Took this a few years back but never published it so I figured why not. So I went ahead and ran it through.

Sanctuary of Truth isn’t really a temple even if it does look like one. It’s a tourist attraction only and you can wander through with a guide or not. It’s a cool place to visit and I hope to in the future get a night shot of the place. Might need to “pay a small fee” to the security guard to get in there after hours but Thailand being Thailand it isn’t so hard of a thing to do.

Editing this wasn’t hard. The reason it never saw the light of day before was a blue tarp. This time, when I went in and edited I just used a desaturation brush on the tarp. Went ahead and ran it through Intensify CK to bring out some details of the sky, building, and sea. Brought it back into Photoshop and then used a layer mask at 50% opacity to those areas and 10% to the bushes and called it done.


sanctuary of truth

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the photo of the Sanctuary of Truth. The workmanship that went into it is incredible. I hope to see it in person one day.

    July 5, 2017

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