Photos In The Rain

Shot this while I was out shooting in Fort Myers. The rain storm had passed but it was still raining when I saw these two ladies walk into the frame.

When I took this photo I was hiding under a bridge out of the rain to see if it was a quick storm or if it was going to turn into a steady rain. I put on my 55-200 lens which for a budget lens is extremely sharp and well reviewed. When I combine it with my Nikon D5500 I get a nice reach with the crop sensor. It’s better than lugging around my 70-200 2.8 around. I can carry my Sigma 17-80 and 55-200 and shoot almost anything in my path. It’s also a great video camera if you don’t need 4K because of the flip out screen.

Editing this I attempted color but it just wasn’t working. So loaded the photo up in Tonality and started to play with sliders until I was happy. Did a bit of local dodging and burning once the conversion was complete and said done.


Photos in the rain

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  1. The photo illustrates the weather we have been having each day here in Fort Myers, FL. We have intense sun and then a rather loud thunderstorm and then showers. It is our typical rainy season and it is welcomed after a long dray spell. I enjoyed.

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