Floridian Skies

Took this with my phone after I walked out of a restaurant from dinner. Was a nice view so I took the snap.

The weather here in Florida has sucked. It’s been rainy and grey most days. When it’s not raining the light is horrible and not worth even getting a camera out of a bag and going for a shoot. The image I took was just pure luck the storm had passed earlier in the day. If I shot in a different direction another storm was rolling in but I took what I could get at the moment.

This was done from a DNG from my phone which is a Nexus 6P. I used an app that shoots RAW and just opened it up in Camera Raw. Did some adjustments and then into Photoshop for overall tone and contrast. Did some local adjustments and then one more time into Camera Raw for some gradients and denoise. Called it done.


Floridian Skies

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the Florida Sky. We have had our share of rain since the rainy season started. We needed it since we were so dry for so long. That sky is just beautiful. Wish I would have caught it with my own eyes. I must be more observant of mother nature. I enjoyed.

    June 16, 2017

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