Enjoying The Day

Shot this one at Meadowlark Gardens as I was wrapping up. Just saw the elderly couple sitting on the bench and took the photo as I was standing back.

Meadowlark Gardens was the first place I ever took a camera to. It was a Canon XSi and I think I had a 18-55mm lens on it. Pretty much every camera I have ever owned has been used in the park. It was a fertile testing ground for cameras and lenses. The final camera tested there was the Nikon D5500 and it was just me wandering around with my Sigma 24-105 4.0.

When I went to edit this photo I didn’t go fancy. I just ran through my normal workflow. As always, in Photoshop did the tone and contrast adjustment. Then just local working dodging and burning.


Enjoying the view.

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  1. The MOM said:

    I have enjoyed every photo you have published from Meadowlark Park. I envy the couple sitting and enjoying Mother Earth’s spring beauty. It looked like the perfect day for a stroll. I enjoyed.

    June 15, 2017

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