In The Shadows Of Trees

Took this at Brookside Gardens in April when things were just starting to get their leaves and flowers were blooming.

I was shooting with my Nikon D5500 and no tripod. One of the things I have tried to train myself to do is not to rely on my tripod. If there is enough light I really don’t need it. I just tended to use it even though at times it was more of a hinder than a help.

Nothing fancy with editing these images. I used gradients to change the light then into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for tone and contrast. Then is was some dodging and burning for local contrast.


In The Tree

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  1. The MOM said:

    I love Brookside Gardens in April. The shadows cast by the sun is like an x-ray of the tree’s limbs on the ground. So cool. The trees look like Weeping Willows. They are very beautiful. Looked like a perfect day for a stroll in the Gardens. I enjoyed.

    June 12, 2017

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