Navarro St.

This was taken in San Antonio a few years ago. Me and a friend took the river boat tour. More like canal tour as the water isn’t deep at all. We mainly went for something to do and they let us drink on the boat.

Not the world’s biggest fan of San Antonio, Texas. Never really had a great time there. Unlike Ozzy Osbourne I was never arrested for indecent exposure in front of the Alamo. I don’t tend to get blind drunk in the morning then stagger around in a dress. Not saying it could not happen, just saying it’s unlikely.

That said I did have a pleasant time my last trip through. Mainly used my Sony RX100ii and when I didn’t use my Olympus EM1. It’s still my go to pocket camera. Just haven’t used it much but I tend to toss it and my Sony RX10 in my bag if I need to go light. Even a few years old its a great camera.

Editing was straight forward. I had to rebalance with gradients then into Photoshop. I did the overall exposure and contrast adjustment with a curves. Then I figured why not add a touch of something so took it into Aurora 2017. Boosted the HDR settings then brought it back into Photoshop then just masked in parts at 60%. Hit save and called it done.


Navarro St

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  1. THE MOM said:

    A boat ride in San Antonio waterway looks like fun. I have never been there but have seen several photos of the waterway and walkways. I have enjoyed seeing it through the eyes of the photographer. I enjoyed.

    June 9, 2017

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