Korean Pagoda

I have shot this Pagoda before at Meadowlark Gardens before. Not sure if I did it from this angle and because I have been in transit for the last 24 hours it’s a quick edit.

I shot this on my Nikon D5500 as I was learning to use it. Didn’t have any DX lenses for it so used my Sigma 24-105 FX lens. Did a great job but a little longer than I like with the crop. I picked up a Sigma 17-80 shortly after this which I have been shooting with. The camera with its flip out screen makes it a great video camera. Sure it doesn’t shoot 4K but it will does a very good looking HD.

Editing I mixed in some HDR and a lot of my normal workflow. Used a lot of gradients to bring the light down. Then set the contrast and overall exposure in Photoshop. Once I had those adjustments brought it into Aurora 2017 and just bumped some HDR settings to bring out the inside features. Then called it done.


Korean Pagoda

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The Korean Pagoda at Meadowlark Gardens is interesting. I am curious to know if one can sit inside/under the Pagoda? The Meadowlark Gardens seem to have a large Korean influence throughout the many gardens. Although I have never been to the park, I have learned a lot and the gardens are most beautiful. I enjoyed.

    June 6, 2017

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