Clouds Over The Potomac

This is a shot from National Harbor of the clouds over the Potomac River. You can see the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the background.

I shot this last year and was playing click around the photo library game. No idea why I didn’t edit it but I didn’t When I saw the sky I was like cool. Time to do an edit of this and see where things fall out.

This is a single image HDR that I created using Aurora 2017. I just feel like HDR this week even though it doesn’t look like it. I just throw the single image in Aurora and see what comes out. This time I picked a preset and then played with it a bit.

I finished the image in Photoshop doing a bit of a dodge and burn to get certain things the way I liked it and called it done.


Clouds over the Potomac River

One thought on “Clouds Over The Potomac”

  1. Very nice photo. It took you this long to share with us all. The sky looks like the sun and the clouds are having a fight to see who is going to take over the sky. The river is just shimmering with the sun on it. Look like a nice day to fish or take a easy boat ride. I enjoyed.

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