Spring Gazebo

This was shot at Brookside Gardens. There are a few of these gazebos around the gardens but they are never used. If you are looking for a quiet place then I suggest using one as they are never busy.

This was shot last year when I first got my Nikon D810. I like to play the game of randomly clicking on my photo library and see what comes up. I have so many images that I never processed that this can lead me to hidden gems. It’s fun to see what comes up in the randomness. Sometimes you end up with something good and other times it’s complete crap.

I have been hesitant to work on my newer stuff just because I like to keep a back catalogue to work off of. I have been shooting stuff but I like to keep a cushion just in case. I am hoping in the next two weeks when I head to Florida I’ll have some time to do some more landscape stuff as I will be there for a bit of time. Then I’ll start working on the stuff I have shot more recently.

This is a HDR image that I created off of one image. I just loaded it into Aurora 2017 and then played with sliders until I was happy. Then it was into Photoshop to do some gradients and some dodging and burning to get local contrast. Once I was happy hit save and called it done.


Spring Gazebo