5 From DC

This is the final of the series. This was taken in the middle of Virginia Avenue. I got a few strange looks from people walking by and cars as I setup my tripod in the middle of a traffic island.

The Washington Monument is one of the tallest structures in Washington DC so it serves as a landmark if you are navigating. You can also see it from most vantage points that have a clear view. So if you are lost just head towards it until you find your way. Not that DC is hard to navigate as it’s laid out in a fairly easy to understand grid. It’s just the one way streets and random street closures that will mess you up.

Editing wise I went low key again. I did bump the warmth up a wee bit just to give it the sunset feel. Other than that it was my customary workflow.


Washington-Monument-At Sunset

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Your 5 from DC was excellent. That is such a great photo from afar of the National Monument. I read some of the history on the construction of the Monument honoring our first president, George Washington. I walked to the top of the monument years ago. More than 800 steps. Google has a lot of facts on the history of the National Monument. If you come to Washington, DC that is one of the must see. I have enjoyed the series of “5” from DC through your photography.

    May 19, 2017

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