Underground – Part 1

This was shot in Luray Caverns when I went out there a few months back. It seemed like something to do and a bit of a photographic challenge for myself.

I’ll be honest and tell you I skipped the guide as I was focused on taking photos so don’t know much about the place. I was never with the group so I didn’t hear much of the history of the place.They are photographer friendly allowing flash and tripods but I elected to go with a monopod and no flash. I used ISO 1600 and my Nikon D810 to do this series.

I am personally not sure how I feel about these images. They are extremely difficult to edit because I can’t white balance. The lighting was all over the place in the caverns. They were using artificial light that focused on certain areas blowing out some photos. So in the end I have several more rounds of these photos but they won’t be seen for later this week. Likely next when I have several hours to edit again.

As I indicated editing is a nightmare. I just let the color where it fell and tried to keep it accurate. This is the second batch I have tackled but the first round was horrible. I am hoping with the third round things get a bit better. I’d go into detail but it was a lot of local work to even get the photos this far.


Luray CavernsLuray CavernsLuray CavernsLuray CavernsLuray CavernsLuray CavernsLuray Caverns


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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photos are the best thing next to being inside the cavern. I went into a small cavern years ago in WV. It was beautiful but I could never bring myself into going into Luray Caverns. They are very deep. An eerie world of stalactites and stalagmites. I read some of the history of Luray Caverns and how it was discovered and how the redeposited minerals build up after countless water drops, a stalactite is formed. If the water that drops to the floor of the cave still has some dissolved calcite in it, it can deposit more dissolved calcite there, forming a stalagmite. I enjoyed the photos you took on your adventure.

    May 10, 2017

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