Hotel St. Francis

This is one of those images I should not publish but I just like it. I shot this a while back while I was roaming the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Just walking around with my Sony RX100iii and taking pictures of interesting things.

What interested me about this was the light and how it played across the building. What was causing it was a building under construction/deconstruction (hard to tell in Latin America at times) about a block away. The morning sun was hitting that and then coming down on the hotel in front of me. It was just a cool pattern that I stopped and took a picture of this.

Editing was straight up. Just a curves adjustment to make it lower key and then local work with dodging and burning. Then a quick white balance in Camera Raw and then done.


Hotel St. Francis

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the shadows on Hotel St. Francis. Looks like a very nice hotel. I checked with Google to see was there a lot of hotels called St. Francis? Google gave me, the Westin Hotel called St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. The light show caused by the sun and the construction made a darn nice show for all to see and take its picture. It is a fun photo. I enjoyed!

    May 9, 2017

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