Dawn Over A River Delta

I shot these photos when I was flying down to Fort Myers in Florida. I have no idea what river this is or where I was.

Let me say that editing aerial photos is a pain. You shoot through very thick glass. You are in a plane moving at several hundred miles per hour. So you end up shooting a ton of frames. Which means a lot more time doing curation.

I will eventually get around to doing a few more sets of these. I have some great images. It’s just a matter of working through them and getting them in sequence.

Editing was a preset I use in Lightroom. Once I had the base edit done I went and did gradients to rebalance the image. After that it was into Lightroom to put the curves adjustment in. Then a lot of local work with dodging and burning.


Dawn Over A River DeltaDawn Over A River DeltaDawn Over A River Delta

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photos are interesting. When I viewed the first photo, I did not understand why you said, Dawn over a River Delta? The air plane shots are different. As your plane descended, I could see more clearly the landscape and dawn over the horizon. The third photo is my favorite. It captures the rising of the sun with the colorful sky and the landscape coming into focus. It is a view one can only see from a descending airplane. I enjoyed all of the photos. These photos were a great finish to the week.

    May 5, 2017

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