The Gate

I believe this is a Korean style gate/arch. I don’t know 100% but there are lots of Korean memorials throughout Brookside Gardens so it would be logical that is is Korean.

I really like Asian architecture and style. I’m content wandering through a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. Even if you have seen one temple you have seen them all there is always a bit of a surprise. You will stumble across Chinese temples that are part of the Buddhist one but are separate. You will see Hindi stuff mixed in so there is always variety if you look around.

While I have only spent time in Korea on layovers one of these years I’ll venture over there. The same with JapanĀ and a few other spots. There is a chance I’ll be in Cambodia late this year or early next. Still working out the details of that!

Nothing fancy with the editing. Camera profile applied which I can’t stress enough to use. Then just some gradients to pull your focus. Then into Photoshop for curves adjustment. Then local dodging and burning. Hit save and done.


Korean Gate

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I do like Asian structures. The architecture is always a work of art, not just a purpose. The gate is the theme of your photo and it is very nice but I think the path is distracting. It appears it needs repair on the stone. I love Brookside Garden photos, just hate to see any imperfections that should be repaired. I enjoyed!

    May 3, 2017

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