Signs Of Spring

With yesterday being the military hardware photo not being that popular I’ll go back to a landscape shot. I needed to test a camera so I ventured forth to Brookside Gardens.

I ventured out to Brookside Gardens to test a Nikon D5500 I picked up for video. The flip out screen is nice so I can see what I am shooting if I am in front of the camera. I figured since I was testing I might as well do some photography and see how the 24mp sensor works. So I threw on my Sigma 24-105 lens and just took a bunch of stuff.

I didn’t do much landscape stuff. I was there for some other things which I’ll eventually publish. When I saw this view with the spring buds on the trees and how it led to the gazebo looking thing I figured why not.

This is the second version of this image. I was shooting in harsh light for a reason. So when I did the first edit I made it a bit too hot with the highlights just below the blowing out point. So I went back and edited it again. I didn’t blow the highlights at all and a lot less dodging and burning. I used gradients to push attention to the gazebo. Once I had the curves in a bit of dodging and burning this time around and done.


Signs of Spring

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I do love your photo today. That is a great Spring photo of one of my favorite places you have taken many photos. The Spring sky is just encouraging those things of beauty to come forward to share with all of us their breathtaking appearance. This Gazebo would be just a wonderful place to sit, read and enjoy the best things in life that are free. Wonderful, I enjoyed.

    April 11, 2017

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