Beam of Sun

Too lazy to go through an edit anything from my recent photography so I just randomly clicked in my photography library and came up with this image.

This is the Potomac River as it flows near Chain Bridge. I was standing on the bridge with my camera wedged on a tripod between the railings. I had to do this to avoid the rails showing up in the images.

Fun thing about shooting off a bridge is that bridges move. A lot. When there is a car coming it will cause the bridge to vibrate and this is passed to you if you are holding the camera or the tripod. So you learn to time your shots so you don’t get unwanted motion in the images.

Editing was all about the sky as it looked like storm clouds. I really wanted them to pop. I used gradients to get the focus on them and then into Photoshop. I had to do a lot of local dodging and burning to get the image balanced once I put the curve adjustment in. After that it was a quick trip to Camera Raw to remove some noise then sharpening and done.


Beam of Sun

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Beam of Sun is the only sun you get with this snapshot. Those clouds look like business and the sun is not going to get a chance for the trees to see their shadow in the water. I like the mixture of clouds in this angry looking sky. As far as moving while taking photos on the bridge, Chain Bridge receives a lot of traffic so there had to have been lots of movement. This was a nice finish to your photos this past week. Look forward to viewing your flower photos soon.

    April 9, 2017

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