Sunrise Over Washington DC

I didn’t get a chance to sneak out and do some photography when I was on business travel last week. I still managed to open my curtains and see today’s imageĀ and I had my Sony RX10 sitting on the table right near me.

This is one of those magical images that just work. Honestly, what was captured in the camera isn’t far from the final result. It really was that vibrant as the Sun was starting to rise over the city. I was zoomed out to 200mm and I just fired off a bunch of shots to make sure I got it since the window was dirty. In the end I got lucky.

I could go into editing and what not but this is basically out of the camera. I white balanced for cloudy and just put a gradient in that used dehaze and clarity for the sky and buildings. Simple curves adjustment and some dodging and burning. I did clean up some noise but I didn’t sharpen the image since I really didn’t have a focal point. Thnk I was 3 minutes total for editing.


Sunrise Over Washington

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  1. THE MOM said:

    That is a really wonderful sky. I have noticed with the clock turning forward, if you must get up early (between dark and dawning) the sky is very different. I have not focused on this sky in my life. I am not a morning person. I have watched a sun come over the horizon and the setting sun but not this. I will catch this sky just as slow as I am most mornings with opening one’s eyes to the new day and not missing the best things in life that are free. I enjoyed.

    April 6, 2017

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