Among The Blossoms

This is a shot from last year’s cherry blossom bloom. They are just starting to come out for this year and if I get a chance will head to some of the lesser areas to get some photos in before they disappear.

I remember taking this photo as the light was transitioning from the blue hour┬áto full on dawn. It’s why I was able to get such a long exposure. with the image. I wasn’t overly happy with the framing┬ábut I saw no reason not to publish it.

When I went to edit this I wanted the blossoms to pop. So I used some gradients to bump the clarity in that area alone and used another gradient to neutralize it in the areas I didn’t want. In retrospect I could have just done a quick mask and inverted my selection and used Camera Raw but it worked. Beyond that I went ahead and did local dodging and burning to bring out the texture and called it a day.


Among The Blossoms

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Flower Power, I will take it. The Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful. Wish I had them in SW Florida. The flowering trees in an around the Washington Metropolitan area are spectacular when in bloom. I enjoyed the blossoms this morning.

    April 4, 2017

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