Remember the Fall

Remember The Fall – Part 2

This finishes up the set for remember the fall. These were all shot at Brookside Gardens using my Sony RX10.

When I do sets like this I like to break them up into smaller portions. I will tend to push it to no more than 10 images. This is because when you review so many images at once you tend to lose the details as your brain is trying to focus on so much visual input. It’s one of the primary reasons why I stick to a single image a day for the most part. With me doing 5 days a week it is just not feasible to edit a large number of photos. Even with a fast workflow its still time consuming.

Editing was simple again. Just Lightroom for camera profiles and gradients. Then into Photoshop for curves adjustments. Dodging and burning for local contrast.


Remember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the Fall

3 thoughts on “Remember The Fall – Part 2”

  1. The Fall photos are very nice. I especially like the Red Maple leaves. All trees are very nice but when Ms. Falls turns on her colors before going to sleep for the winter, she is spectacular. I see the sun was enjoying creating shadows in the water. The best things in life are free, we just need to focus on them and enjoy.

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