Pale Rider

I published this before but I think I did it in HDR. I honestly wasn’t going to republish it here but my schedule has gone nuts so go with what you have when in need.

This was shot at Manassas National Battlefield. I have no idea what the statue and the rider is about. It was a bit dark when I took the image and I never wandered back over to investigate it more. For me it was all about the silhouette and the sky behind it.

The funny thing about this is that the sky went grey afterwards. It was an awful day with nothing but flat light. So I lucked out with the sun peaking over for dawn and everything working out the way it did.

Editing this it’s straight up out the camera for the most part. I didn’t mask anything in. To get the attention focused to the rider I just used gradients. Then added my tone curve for light and contrast. After that a bit of dodging and burning and done. Really happy when a simple image comes together.


Pale Rider

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the shot of the Pale Rider. The sky is very beautiful. I love your early morning shots you have take in Manassas National Battlefield. The sky colors are so beautiful. I enjoyed.

    March 19, 2017

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