Going Fishing

This is another from the archives. Most of the ones I have been publishing lately are. This was taken on the beach in Thailand just as night was settling in.

Interesting fact in Thailand is that you will rarely see a Thai on the beach during the day. Sure, some may be working but the reality is that it’s super hot. Thai’s seem to be smarter than us tourists in that they don’t want to bake in the Southeast Asian sun. So they come out at night when it’s much cooler and you can enjoy the beach without fear of melting.

There isn’t much special going on in the image when I went to edit. I didn’t want to do much because I wanted it concentrated on the two men fishing. While they are blurred their sense of motion gives the image a sense of movement.

When I went to edit I just added a simple curves adjustment to handle tone and contrast. I then did local adjustments using dodging and burning. I didn’t add any masks in because the image was good enough on its on.


Going Fishing

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Going fishing has a great sky. I do hope these folks got some fish. I love to fish. I like evening or night deep water fishing. I like catching and eating them. I can see why the Thai people don’t want to be in the sun. It is hot and most likely no breeze to cool one down. I enjoyed.

    March 13, 2017

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