Rising Cloud

This is a shot from Fort Myers, Florida I took a few years ago. It was apart of the everything must be in HDR phase when I had no clue what I was really doing.

Fort Myers has to have some of the weirdest skies I have seen. Well, at least paid attention to since I started photography. It’s on the Gulf of Mexico so you get all the winds coming in from the gulf along with the humidity which makes the clouds go all weird. So you get some cool clouds to go with the sky color if that is your thing.

This image got the nod when I was just going through and seeing what I ignored before. It was the cloud obviously that drew my attention. I had shot a 7 exposure set for the imagined HDR photo but I likely tossed it because the resulting image was a mess. Honestly, if you want to do HDR just stick with 3 frames with a 2 stop bracket and be done. Anything more and you introduce a whole host of problems.

Editing this I used the base exposure for the image. Applied my camera profile and then went about doing the base adjustments in Lightroom. For picking white balance you can’t go wrong with sunny or cloudy. While I could have likely white balanced off the cloud I found that those two give the best overall average for a sky.

Once that was done into Photoshop as usual to apply my curves adjustment to correct exposure and add contrast. Then it was just local adjustments doing dodge and burn.


Rising Cloud

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I do like our sky over Fort Myers, Florida. The evening setting sun and the sky are just works of art. This photo with the high rise condos cutting into the sky landscape are really enhanced with the lights and color in the sky. I always enjoyed the dark starry clear nights in West Virginia. Without buildings, lights, etc., The sky is a thing of beauty no matter where you are. We just have to look up and enjoy!

    March 12, 2017

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