Golden Stalks

Shot this along the fence closing in a field in Sharpsburg, Maryland. I was walking along the road and saw the light coming in on the dead stalks against the fence and figured I take the picture.

To be honest, I’m not thrilled with the image completely. The sky is a funky color. I can’t color correct it and when I stripped it out didn’t look right either. So I left it. I cropped most of it out with the goal of making the rest of the image the focal point.

Editing wise this one is a wee bit over the top. I did a single HDR conversion from Photoshop. I then masked that bit in. Once I had that I went for Intensify CK and masked that bit in. I really wanted the details of the stalks to stand out. I also wanted to balance that out with the fence. It should appear to give some texture as well since it was an older wooden fence. Once I had that I did a bit of dodging and burning to add some three dimensionality to the image and called it done.


Golden Stalkes

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  1. The Mom said:

    Golden Stalks, The farm fence with the gold Wheat Grass is very nice. It is a good ground cover. There seem to be a wild animal or a dog behind the fence? The seeds used to be picked so the farmers could grow and harvest for flour before it went to seed. There has been many photos of nature which I have enjoyed.

    February 8, 2017

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