Capitol Dome

I will admit that I was tempted to title this one something a little different. Something that Obi-Wan once said, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” I just went with the building name instead.

Why I was at Capitol Hill will remain unpublished for a bit but I had a few things I needed to test. Sometime in the distant past I purchased a Sigma 50mm macro for my Sony. I recently aquired a Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 for video work and needed to test it. I also purchased a Sony A7ii for said video work and never shot with it. So I had a destination in mind. The US Capitol just happens to be there. Nice enough building for photographs. The one issue with it now is its barricaded off from the backside so you can’t get close. Also, its under construction so if you are going to shoot the building you might want to think twice.

I knew when I took this image it was going to be a 16×9 crop and in monochrome. The sky went grey on me while I was at my primary objective. I knew with the clouds and some dehaze and clarity I could recover them. It would contrast with the dome nicely. So while it was shot in color it was never going to end up that way.

When I went to edit I applied my camera settings and then proceeded to do my usual corrections. Brought it into Photoshop and added a curves adjustment to put contrast back into the image. Then into Tonality CK to do the monochrome conversion. I just manually do these. Using the sliders to get my desired result. Once I’m happy back into Photoshop for any cleanup that may have been needed if something clipped to black and then a quick sharpening and done.


Capitol Dome


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  1. Freedom! We may not be perfect, only God is, and some do not think that. I believe in the USA. Perfect, not, none are; but it is the land I love.

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