Night Bean

It should be pointed out that I took many a photo of the “bean” in Millennium Park in Chicago. I used to feel bad about about publishing images that are similar but each one is different. Light changes, mood changes when editing and so on. Spread them out and you get a lot of usable images that would otherwise never see the light of day.

I edited this photo nearly a month ago. Sometimes I do edits when the mood hits me and sit on them. I showed it to a friend of mine gently hinting prints were available. He knowing me well asked me if I wanted to kill the people in the image since they were ruining my shot.

I used to be fairly anal about people in my images. I have come to the point if they are there and make sense I have no problem. In this case, the blurred motion of the people give the otherwise static image a sense of life. It’s not just a cold object reflecting anymore. Still, if someone walks through my damn landscape when I’m clearly shooting I’m going to kill them. Justifiable homicide for photography is permissible.

Editing wise this was really all about the bean and the reflections. The sky going to blue was actually the ambient light coming off and the sky being purple and dark blue earlier. To counter that I wanted other parts to punch out as well. So I ran a filter through with Intensify CK and then masked those bits in. Ran another filter just for the bean to bring those reflections out. Finally some dodging and burning to keep focus on the bean itself.

For inquiring minds, no my reflection is not in the bean.


Night Bean

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  1. The Mom said:

    I like the Chicago Bean. It is really unique. Know we seen “Bean” photos before but each one is different and for many of us, we will never go to Chicago to see the “Bean” in person and experience it in person. The bean photo was a great end to many very good photos shared by the photographer. I look forward to Monday’s photo.

    February 5, 2017

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