Warm Forest Path

I seem to be into paths and roads this week. I took this one at Brookside Gardens when I was hiking around the giant lake I discovered while I was there on my last visit. I just liked the light coming through the trees.

This image is one of those I like just because of the light but it’s really not the greatest photo ever. I shot it with my Sony RX10 which I genuinely love as a camera but it has its issues. Color fringing is a major problems and it will do some funky things with blues if it doesn’t meter or white balance correctly. Still, for a smallish body and a 24-200mm 2.8 lens it’s damn nice as a chuck it into your bag and you can shoot almost anything type of camera.

When I went to edit this it was all about the light. Did my usual adjustments and then wanted to make that light pop. So I added a quick filter using Intensify CK then masked it in at various opacities. I then had to fix the aforementioned color fringing and weird ass blue sky problems. The fringing is easy, the sky was a hue/saturation adjustment in Photoshop. Want to bump the “warmth” up a bit so a quick run through Color Efex and done.


Warm Forest Path

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  1. Brookside Gardens is really nice. Those trees are so tall and natural. It is nice when a Garden is put in so the public can enjoy it. It is nice that on placing this garden, they left many parts of the property like it was. The trees I am sure are fairly old to be that tall. I love the way the sun shines down through. I am sure the large lake with this natural setting is beautiful and restful for the many visitors. I am glad the photographer came upon this fine. I have enjoyed the “trails” this week. Each very different from the other. Great adventures.

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