Where The Road Leads

I shot this at Antietam Battlefield when I was crossing between the various areas in the park. There wasn’t much traffic so I was able to setup my tripod in the middle of the road and take the shot.

I need to tell the story of trying to edit this image and why it may not be as good as I like it. I have a scratch disk in an external enclosure. It’s a 512gb SSD and I use it as my portable drive when I travel and as I indicated, a scratch drive for Photoshop.

I have been having problems with the drive and it has been dropping offline in the middle of the edits. I thought I fixed it when I noticed the drive was hot. So rearranged them and it cooled down. Crashed again. Then I noticed my Time Machine backup was running. It seemed when it hit a certain point it crashed all drives. Thought I fixed that by removing some stuff. Crashed again.

I barely got the final edit and saved full resolution. I was going to make some final adjustments but it crashed shortly after the save. I was lost at this point and just said enough. So if the image is “extra crispy” it’s because I resized the image after it had been sharpened. When you resize it also sharpens the image. So things might be a bit more than normal.

Editing wise when my disk wasn’t crashing this is a HDR image. One of the things I am doing now is not taking the +2 bracket when I do the conversion. There is very little usable data in those files and tends to do weird things to the image. Learned that from Trey Ratcliff who is the guru of HDR.

I did the conversion in Aurora 2017. Just played with sliders till I was happy. Then I brought it into Photoshop (when it was running) to do some final edits. I then did another copy in Lightroom to lighten the sky. I then took that image and masked in the sky on the HDR. I would have blended better but at that point I was worried about the disk (in fact as I type this the drive ejected again without Photoshop running).  So hit save and called it a day.

For inquiring minds I believe the cheap enclosure I bought for the drive is the issue. A new one will be ordered in post haste as I do not have the issue with other drives.

Enjoy the photo for what it’s worth!

Where The Road Leads


  1. The Mom said:

    Where the road leads is a very nice photo. Sorry to here it was stressful to get it to us. I do not look for perfection in your photos but the places you take your fans. I enjoy seeing many places, etc that you share with us, your fans. It is through your love of photography that comes through for me and I would say for many that follow you. I enjoyed.

    January 31, 2017
  2. Evangelina07 said:

    I like your shot. It is very peaceful and calming to look at.

    January 31, 2017

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