Path To Modernity

Took this image in Chicago last year. Was my last night in Chicago before I flew out to Thailand for a brief holiday.

I wanted to go to Millennium Park and photograph the bean statue that is big draw in the park. I had seen stuff from Ming Thein and was only a few blocks away. My schedule didn’t mesh until the final night. The problem was it was pissing down rain but it was a typical Summer thunderstorm. There one minute and gone the next.

I set out to the park and got my own bean shots. I was in no rush. To make sure I slept on my flight to Thailand I was staying up all night so I just started to wander around. Millennium Park is very large. Lots of little paths to wander down. I ended up this wooden path among the wild flowers and figured why not take a picture.

This image may look HDR but it is not. When I do an image like this I always use my base workflow. This means applying the correct camera profile. Then I do my curves adjustments and any dodging and burning. I always have a “finished” image that I could publish if I wanted to. Once I have that I look at it and figure out if I want to give it a bit more details. I tend to work in zones for a lack of a better word. I will load filters in for specific parts of the image. One for the sky and buildings. One for the walkway and flowers. I mask thone is with different opacities. I did a hue/saturation adjustment on the flowers because things got a bit nuclear and masked that in and said done. Takes some time but you do get nice images out of it.


Path to Modernity

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  1. The Mom said:

    I like you last photo in Chicago. The “bean” was very interesting. This walk you took is impressive with the very tall business offices in the distance with the day coming to an end. The wooden walking path is snuggled in between some great landscape. I liked this photo very much for its colors, so many textures and the sky. I have a copy for my photo display. I enjoyed the series and learn much.

    January 29, 2017

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