Everyone Enjoys A Sunset

This is a sunset in the Gulf of Thailand. I shot it in Jomtein, Thailand while I was down there doing some other photography stuff that day. I parked my bike in the lot which is why I got lucky when I saw the sunset and grabbed a few frames.

I published a similar photo to this in 2015. I waited for the guy who was standing in the center of the frame to move out. I was in my anti-humans in my photos phase. I was going through my archives for a series and saw it and figured why not edit it again. Knowing a wee bit more about editing then I did now. And I gotta say the human looks better in the scene.

Editing wise I didn’t do to much. I deliberately left it low key to silhouette the ground stuff to keep the focus on the sky. Once I had the light right I brought it into Intensify CK and bumped the sky. Quick mask to get the sky in at one opacity and the ground at another to keep it similar. I then loaded up Color Efex and played with the hue/saturation to make it much warmer. I also tweaked it with Pro Contrast too. Finally Noiseless Pro to remove the noise from the sky and masked that bit in. After nearly 8 hours of solid editing today I was very happy to call this done.


Everyone Enjoys A Sunset

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  1. The Mom said:

    I like your photo! Your title is so true, Everyone enjoys a sunset and these people are no different. You captured a great sunset over the water. You could capture a great sunset over the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers. The little park on the North Fort Myers side before entrance to the bridge, each day, all day long and the setting sun, there are people that park, fish, eat lunch, some dinner and watch the river flow and the beautiful sky. They are very friendly people, I have been there to watch the sunset and the great Fire Works on the 4th of July. It is a big gathering and a friendly one. Water and great skies offer us humans much. I enjoyed.

    January 17, 2017

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