Monumental Dawn

I took this at Antietam National Battlefield when I was there last year doing a dawn shoot.

The monument in this image is the New York State Monument to honor those from the state that fell. It’s one of the largest in the park and it’s near the visitors center so the one usually seen. I took the photo with the dawn coming up over the hill with the mountains in the background. Just liked the effect.

Editing wise this is a HDR image for the most part. I was working on it earlier when my Photoshop scratch disk crashed and burned and I got annoyed. Luckily I had it in Aurora 2017 so I just saved it as a PSD and then opened that for editing when my annoyance went away.

One of the issues I was faced with was the halo around the monument with the sky. This is just a problem from HDR conversion and I have never seen a clean way to get rid of it. So I took the middle exposure and edited in Photoshop to where I wanted it and then created a new layer on the HDR file and pasted it in. I have discovered over the years that even when working with base files that are the exact same HDR conversions never line up. So I had to do align layers. Once all was right in the world I then added a layer mask and brushed in the sky at a decent opacity.

I still wasn’t done as the grass was nuclear green and there was some weird magenta artifacts going on. So a hue/saturation adjustment. Then a wee bit of a camera raw fix for fringing. Finally spot removal and a final crop and called it done!

It’s not perfect but I feel it’s worth publishing just for the effort required to get it to where it is.


Monumental Dawn

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  1. The Mom said:

    Monumental Dawn really fits the photo. The monument to honor all fallen soldiers from New York is a stark reminder how war takes our your men. Sad days but looking at the photo with the new morning breaking is a promise of a better tomorrow. Hope one day there will be no more wars.

    January 12, 2017

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