Fall Ripples

This was shot at Brookside Gardens when I was visiting there. Least I think it’s Brookside Gardens as there are a ton of trails and a giant lake behind what I thought were the gardens. I stumbled on them while I was there one trip.

I seem to be into reflections so I took this image while standing in mud. I had my tripod and mounted the Sony RX10 on it and fired off a few shots to get it. I always like when wind adds some ripples to the water. Sure mirror smooth looks cool but ripples adds textures.

There are two different masks going on in this image. I masked in the water with one mask to bring out the ripples and a lot more of the color. I then added another mask to the top to bring out the trees to some extent. Most of the work was in the reflection. I do have one minor issue in that when I resized the image it over sharpened it ever so slightly. This is because I use a bicubic reduction and it will add sharpening. Nothing much I can do about it and it’s just slightly crispy.


Fall Ripples

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  1. The Mom said:

    Fall Ripples at Brookside Park is a very nice fall photo. The trees are not completely void of leaves. It appears to have been a very nice day to stroll through the park. The reflection in the water from the sun is the fun part. The water being a mirror to show nature how beautiful she is in this Fall setting. I enjoyed.

    January 10, 2017

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