Rocky Canyon

Took this when I hiked Great Falls. I was on a bridge over the over river and just leaned my tripod up against the bridge rails and snapped images while the bridge wasn’t moving from people walking on it.

I am fighting early onset of man flu I believe. Haven’t not felt great so I was worried I wasn’t even going to have the energy to edit a photo but I powered through. In the end I’m happy with the image.

I haven’t been masking stuff in lately. Mainly just leaving the image alone but even with dreaded man flu I felt this one needed a bit of punch. Once I had the basic edit in place I loaded up Intensify CK and then hit one of my favorite presets and saved it. Created a layer mask and brushed in the bits I wanted to make the image pop. I then masked in with a lesser opacity the sky to bring it up. The blue is from me using a polarizing filter but I wanted more out of the clouds. I then ran it through Color Efex Pro to warm it up a bit and called it done.


Rocky Canyon

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  1. The Mom said:

    Rocky Canon is a very pretty landscape photo. Truly a very beautiful fall day at Great Falls Park. The sky, the trees with a small amount of colored leaves, the evergreens, the color in the rocks, and the water, it is just a nice place. With you photo you state you were on a bridge looking down. That bridge was a great place to capture nature in her finest. I enjoyed.

    January 9, 2017

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