Natures Wooden Path

Rare that I share something I shot recently, like I shot it yesterday recent but I have been playing in the archives so wanted to show some recent work. I took this image at Great Falls on the Maryland side which is only 15 minutes from where I live. I was hoping the January 1 would be less crowded and I was right and slightly wrong. Turns out when I was there it wasn’t crowded. When I was leaving the park was getting packed and there was a line to get in about 30 cars deep. So I timed it perfectly.

My goal was to test a new 15 stop Neutral Density Filter I picked up. Tried it for a few shots but wasn’t having much luck focusing with it. I was using my Sony A7R and the camera just could not lock focus. In retrospect I should have done the focusing ahead of time and then put the filter on but live and learn.

With defeat in hand I was going to use my Variable 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter until I realized it was the one filter I didn’t pack. So I stuck a polarizing filter on and went on my merry way and shot for a few hours.

For this image I had just finished shooting the falls from the overlook where this path goes to. As I indicated it wasn’t that crowded so I was able to get some great shots. I had finished with my Sony 16-35mm lens on the camera. Walking back to the normal path I saw the today’s image and quickly setup my tripod and took a few shots. On a normal day you just can’t setup for this shot because the path is too crowded. I managed 2 shots before people started to walk into the frame and behind me.

Editing wise this is almost straight out of the camera. I just applied my camera profile and did some minor adjustments. The blue sky is from the polarizing filter not me messing with the sky. The most significant thing I did was dodge the graffitti on the rail just because I think it added that extra touch. If I didn’t fess up to it most would never notice it.


Natures Wooden Path

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  1. The Mom said:

    The photo of the walking path through the Maryland site of Great Falls Park. The paths make it so much easier for people to take in the beauty. The day looked perfect for such a stroll in the Autumn weather. I enjoyed.

    January 5, 2017

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