Fall From A Different Perspective

Think it’s rather obvious why I titled this one like I did. It was taken at Brookside Gardens.

I was playing around with the Sony RX10 and the guy who sold it to me also tossed in a Manfrotto tabletop tripod. This worked out because the one I had wasn’t that sturdy and it was like 20 years old. The Manfrotto worked out great as it fit within my bag and I could honestly leave it attached to the camera and it didn’t impact me at all. I only took it off when I used my larger tripod.

Since I had the small tripod I just set the rig down in the grass going low. Little known thing in photography is that the lower your camera is the better your water reflections are. Plus, I wanted a different perspective than normal. The grass being golden helped frame the rest of the scene. It changed the perspective to make the world seem a lot bigger than it is.

Editing wise not too much going on. Just simple curves adjustments and then lots of local adjustments with dodging and burning. I go through phases where I’ll post process the hell out of stuff, mainly landscapes. To others where I just do simple edits and let the photo speak for itself. This one is speaking for itself.


Fall From A Different Perspective

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  1. The Mom said:

    Fall from a Different Perspective is truly a nice Autumn photo of the changes of the Seasons at Brookside Gardens. Yesterdays photo reflected on the trees with the many falling leaves. The pond element adds a new dimension of the leaves in the water and of course my favorite, the mirror effect that is created by the sun. It is a delightful photo and I enjoyed.

    December 20, 2016

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