Dawn On The Gazebo

Change it up and going to Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. It is also a HDR image which I haven’t processed many of lately.

I have no idea what this gazebo is. It’s got small memorial plaques which you see. I personally liked the light of the dawn coming over the hill just giving enough light for the path and the gazebo to be exposed.

Haven’t processed HDR in awhile but this image just cried for it. It also helps with HDR when you don’t have hard edges so you avoid the weird HDR halo as I call it. I just used Aurora 2017 to do the conversion. I did all the editing myself using sliders until I was happy. The brought it into Photoshop to do a bit of localized adjustments and called it done.


Dawn Over The Gazebo

3 thoughts on “Dawn On The Gazebo”

  1. The Gazebo at Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. The site describes it as a granite gazebo with a domed copper roof topped by a copper figure of female standing on a globe. She is dressed in long robes and holds a wreath and a sword in front of her. The gazebo features four rectangular bronze relief plaques depicting battle scenes: the Wolcotts, the first Maryland Battery at Antietam; the Fifth Maryland closing in upon Roulette’s Barns and House; Brockenbrough’s Maryland Battery repelling a charge at Antietam; and the charge of the Second Maryland on Burnside Bridge. The photographer focus was on the beautiful sun rise to the right. The colors of pink, yellow and blue skies assures us, even though there is much sorrow associated with the sight, there is beautiful as well. I enjoyed.

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