Bones Of Summer

I have stuck with Brookside Gardens this week for the images. The images were shot about a month apart so you can see how much things change in 1 month’s time. You got from mostly green trees to the image today.

I snapped this just because I liked the colors. You get this bare tree just standing out by itself in the middle of a field. Most of its leaves gone and on the ground. It’s why I picked the title. Reminds me of bones without the flesh.

Editing wise nothing special. I shot this on my Sony RX10. I just did a curves adjustment and then local dodging and burning.


Bones of Summer


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  1. The Mom said:

    Bones of summer. That fits well. Never thought to look at the trees with all of their leaves gone as the bones of summer. The scene still reflects a perfect day at Brookside Gardens Park. The sky is cloud free, the birds that look like the Canadian Geese are enjoying the park. It is such a nice place to take a great walk and enjoy the great season of Autumn. I enjoyed.

    December 18, 2016

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